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“Street Appeal” refers to “Curb Appeal” or what is defined as “the attractiveness of a property and its surroundings when viewed from the street”. Street Appeal Pros provide original, environmentally-friendly cleaning and restoration services to residential and commercial clients. Our services are designed to not only improve the look of your property but also add value in your investment without costly repair. We are thrilled to announce our recent nomination for Cape Cod’s 2019 Best Home Improvement Service.

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everything happens under one roof…

Green means more jobs! As a company we seek to challenge the assumption that ‘green' means less effective. At Street Appeal Pros, everything happens under one roof. Not only are we contractors, we’re inventors and manufacturers f what we believe is the world's most conscientious exterior cleaning products too! You can learn more about our Wash Safe brand here. We stress test every product to ensure we perform better than hazardous chemicals so our environmental impact is not a negative one and our customers love us too!

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our no-bleach policy

Our Eco-Safe cleaning techniques solve the most challenging cleaning problems without the use of bleach. One of the most frequently asked questions we get is, “Why clean without it?” and another is, “If it’s so terrible, why do some contractors use it?”. It all boils down to cost. Bleach is one of the cheapest cleaning agents you can use but will never solve a moss, mold or algae problem – it only makes matter translucent by bleaching it out. Come next blooming season (usually in the spring) and the homeowner will have to call the roof cleaning company again. This happens continuously every 2-3 years. It’s a vicious cycle that feeds off a homeowner’s checkbook. This is exactly what a conventional roof cleaner using bleach wants: residual income in making returning customers vs. long-term satisfied customers. On the contrary, when a roof is cleaned with eco-safe bleach-free formulas, stains from mold mold are completely removed from homes and the house is spared of having its natural beauty stripped and materials made brittle from the corrosive substance.

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Over-spray from cleaning a home with bleach kills plants and trees and it’s dangerous for pets. When a pressure washer comes to your home, the intention is that the cleaning solution will only be sprayed on your home. Often, this is not the case and over-spray happens and it can kill plants and trees. Not only is bleach corrosive and damaging to the plants it directly comes in contact with, it will most likely kill plants altogether. Concentrated chlorine such as bleach will destroy plants and the network of life they depend on to obtain nutrients and thrive. We have been cleaning homes for over 11 years using our own, original Eco-Safe method and without the use of bleach to make cleaning safe and more conscientious on Cape Cod.