3 Questions to Ask Your Cape Cod Contractor Before a Roof, Cedar, Deck or Paver Cleaning


Another great Cape Cod Spring- Summer is off to a great start and we're on the road doing estimates for roof cleaning, cedar restoration, deck cleaning, paver cleaning and more. Our customers want to know what difference Street Appeal Pros makes and how their property values will benefit. We like to distill it down to 1. quality workmanship + formulas, 2. full insurance + workman's comp and 3. references -- ask to see ours!

  1. Ask About the Cleaning Formulas:

    We want our customers to know what we’re using and get familiar with our Eco-Safe cleaning formulas for roofs, decks, concrete and more by Wash Safe. Aside from being eco-safe so they won’t damage your landscaping or harm pets, the cleaning solutions will not damage the home’s materials like bleach would. Bleach will not solve a cleaning problem and can severely degrade property values. This especially rings true with a cedar home as John explains below.


2. Ask About the Contractor’s Insurance:

We hold full insurance and workman’s comp. Before anybody steps on your property or your roof, you need to know this in order to protect yourself and your assets.

3. Ask for the Contractor’s References:

Ask us for them! We’re happy to share references from local neighbors who have hired us to solve their cleaning problems and help raise their property values. You would do the same with a builder or interior designer, portfolio is key and you shouldn’t feel bad asking.

If you're thinking about having a home improvement done to your property, these are the top 3 things you should inquire about.

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