How to Clean a Cedar House: Street Appeal Pros Cape Cod Explains the Cedar Restoration Process


When it comes to exterior cleaning, Street Appeal Pros Cape Cod is becoming increasingly more well known for providing transformative results to cedar with a powerful an organic formula that outshines bleach. Roof Cleaning remains one of our most popular services but having an abundance of cedar homes here on Cape Cod has given us a unique opportunity to study, understand and implement innovative techniques to cedar over the course of our 12 plus years in business. It’s exciting to see more requests for this premier cedar cleaning service come in and we owe that interest to our clients who share with their neighbors how they were able to clean their cedar homes without causing damage to the wood. Thank you!!


Cedar Restoration, when done correctly, is the removal of the outer dead layer of the cedar to reveal beautiful, original, new-looking cedar below the surface. What is key to this process is removing the outer dead layer without damaging the integrity of the cedar. Most people believe that “high pressure washing” will accomplish this but that method carves off the top layer and permanently damages the cedar. Street Appeal Pros uses Cedar Wash by Wash Safe, which is a hydrogen peroxide based formula. When applied to cedar, it loosens that outer dead layer, then with a special pressure washing nozzle called a “soft tip” nozzle, we remove the outer dead layer and rinse it off. Have you ever exfoliated your skin? Think of it like a gentle and natural chemical exfoliation. With the outer dead layer coming off also does all mold, moss, lichen and even old stain will come off!

When the cleaning process is done we apply a coat of Cedar Seal, which is also manufactured by Wash Safe. Cedar Seal is a unique, one of kind wood sealer created just for cedar. Cedar Seal is absorbed by the cedar and  completely water-proofs the cedar by binding all of the wood fibers below the surface together creating a barrier that water can’t penetrate. One application of Cedar Seal will last 10-12 years or longer. Without water in the cedar, mold can’t grow so the cedar siding remains mold free for the next 10-12 years! Another benefit of preventing water from entering the cedar is that the cedar will not split or crack when the water freezes in the winter. Expansion cracks makes cedar shingles fall off or tilt one way or another and also expansion cracks above a cedar joint creates and entrances way for water.

Cedar Restoration is a process similar to a house staining, the home is completed washed, the windows are covered with plastic and the Cedar Seal is sprayed on the house. Cedar restoration work is done on cedar shingle siding, cedar clapboard siding, cedar roofing, wood fences and wood decking. The process works on all types of wood - not just cedar. The results are amazing and we always hear that we far exceeded the customers expectations.