Top 5 Reasons to NOT Pressure Wash Your Home with Bleach

Hello to our neighbors!

We’re here to share the inside story of running our Eco-Safe power washing company on Cape Cod. Many of the pro members are born and raised Cape Codders with a lot of pride and adoration for this pure place we live. We’re here to maintain its natural beauty and we’re doing that with our own original methods and products that. We’re going to share our adventures in eco-conscious home improvements here so we want to let you know first what makes us different. One of the most asked questions we get is, “Why choose Street Appeal Pros?” when a customer searching for roof cleaning, deck cleaning, cedar restoration and other power washing services. There are many answers but we want to take a moment to focus on one of the most important reasons today. We do not use bleach — ever! It’s interesting to see that today’s homeowners are becoming incredibly more educated and concerned about the ecological ramifications bleach has on their property, plants, trees and the ecosystem around their home. They want to know how to clean their roof, deck and cedar without bleach and we solve that problem for them with our services. Year over year, we see more homeowners are asking for bleach-free power washing and that makes us happy. To the new homeowners or ones who just want to learn more, we’re going to share the top 5 reasons why you never want to use bleach to clean your home. Please comment below if you have any other reasons or stories of your own to share.


1. Bleach will not solve a moss, mold or algae problem — it only makes matter translucent by bleaching it out. 

Come next blooming season (usually in the spring) and the homeowner will have to call the roof cleaning company again. This happens continuously every 2–3 years. It’s a vicious cycle that feeds off a homeowner’s checkbook. This is exactly what a conventional roof cleaner using bleach wants, it creates residual income in making returning customers vs. long-term satisfied customers. On the contrary, when a roof is cleaned with our proprietary bleach-free formulas, mold is completely removed from the houses taking 5–7 years to return.


2. Bleach Overspray from roof cleaning can kill plants and trees and it’s dangerous for pets. 

When a pressure washer comes to your home, the intention is that the cleaning solution will only be sprayed on your home. Often, this is not the case and over-spray happens and it can kill plants and trees. Not only is bleach corrosive and damaging to the plants it directly comes in contact with, it will most likely kill plants altogether. Concentrated chlorine such as bleach will destroy plants and the network of life they depend on to obtain nutrients and thrive. Street Appeal Pros has been cleaning homes for over 11 years using our own, original Eco-Safe method and “Wash Safe” cleaning productswithout the use of bleach. You can learn more about what makes us different here.


3. If bleach is not all caught by the gutter system and runs down over a painted surface it will leave streak marks on the roof.


4. Bleach can unexpectedly wreak havoc on other parts of your home. 

A home owner just told us a story of how they would have their home in Florida cleaned with a bleach solution every 2 years. One day one of their skylights started leaking. Soon after, another started leaking… and another until all 12 skylights were leaking. They called the skylight manufacturer who sent out a rep to investigate and the conclusion was the bleach solution destroyed the rubber seals around the glass. We hear stories about bleach ruining other parts of the home all the time.


5. You love the birds, the bees and other wildlife around your home. 

If you do not, then have your roof watched with a bleach solution. You’ll soon see how effectively it ruins the ecological balance around your home, what the human can smell for a week, the wildlife can smell for a month. Nature is a good thing…. so just say “NO TO BLEACH”.