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Rust Removal

Rust on any surface can be one of the most difficult stains to remove and every case is different. Our professional rust removal on surfaces like concrete, bluestone, wood, aluminum and more are never just a spot treatment. Trained F9 concrete rust removal professionals restore your concrete, as well as the rust spot to ensure an even appearance and deep cleaning.  Experience combined with proper training and cleaning techniques make a Professional Applicator the right choice for your restoration job.

professionalism from start to finish


Every job starts and ends with professionalism. Street Appeal Pros arrives at your home in a branded fleet with trained technicians who are fully uniformed and properly insured. We let your neighbors know we’re taking pride in the property!

Eco-Safe Cleaning

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We take a conscientious approach for the long-term quality and health of your home and landscaping with Eco-Safe cleaning solutions. If you are afraid of spraying a chemical up on your roof you should be. Not only can the chemical run off and damage your plants and lawn but some roof cleaning products sold online can be fatal to your pets. These toxic chemicals can alter the color of your roof and stain any other surface it may contact on the way off the roof. Our roof cleaner is made from earth friendly hydrogen peroxide and it will not harm people, pets or property. As an oxygen based cleaner, the product only has an active life of 4-6 short hours before this product biodegrades, making it by far the safest product in the roof cleaning industry.


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We take immense pride in our work and we don’t clean from the ground. Most home owners do not have the capability of cleaning their roof the way a contractor would but there is always a natural concern from the home owner. A pressure wand in inexperienced hands can cause serious problems to a roof. With over 11 years of cleaning 2,500 + homes on Cape Cod, we believe we offer the best quality and longest lasting “clean” available. We clean from the roof -not ground- using light pressure aiming down the roof at all times at the angle of the roof and using special nozzles for pressure washers that we manufacture called “Soft Tips”. We’ve customized that technique to reduce the impact pressure on a roof by up to 70%. When a roof is professionally cleaned this way, no damage occurs to the roof.  

doing the job now could save you thousands in the end

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Your Cape Cod roof is central to the curb or Street Appeal of home. Not only does it protect your home from the harsh elements but it’s also a key indicator in accessing the property value of your home. A roof, like a car or teeth, requires quality maintenance. If you keep up with it, the maintenance required is minimal. If left improperly maintained, the results could damage the integrity of the roof’s structure and require replacing your entire roof.

When Quality Matters

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