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Paver or Patio Cleaning & Restoration

Is your patio or paver covered with dirt, moss, mold and unsightly grime? Ready to bring back the original beauty? We can take a dull and faded entry or entertaining space and make it look like new, much like when it was installed to add beauty and value to your home. A paver or patio is often one of the first impressions of your home so having one well maintained can make your home look like it is worth several thousand dollars more. Regular maintenance and a safe, effective wash can help prevent your household or business from having to spend a fortune for repairs or replacements. Let the PROS clean, sand and seal your paver or patio to perfection using our original eco-safe cleaning method and techniques.

professionalism from start to finish


Every job starts and ends with professionalism. Street Appeal Pros arrives at your home in a branded fleet with trained technicians who are fully uniformed and properly insured. We let your neighbors know we’re taking pride in the property!

Eco-Safe Cleaning

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We take a conscientious approach for the long-term quality and health of your home and landscaping with Eco-Safe cleaning solutions. If you are afraid of spraying a chemicals on you patio and paver, you should be. Not only can the chemical run off and damage your plants and lawn but some agents can be fatal to your pets. These toxic chemicals can also alter the color of your stone or surface. Our method using a cleaner made from earth friendly hydrogen peroxide and will not harm people, pets, property or the original color of your property accent. It has an active life of 4-6 short hours before this product biodegrades, making it by far the safest product in the power washing industry.



With over 11 years of cleaning 2,500 + homes on Cape Cod, we believe we offer the best quality and longest lasting “clean” available. We use light pressure and special, custom-tooled nozzles that we manufacture for pressure washers called “Soft Tips”. We’ve customized that technique to reduce the impact pressure by up to 70%. When a home is professionally cleaned this way, no damage occurs.  

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