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Street Appeal Pros is a team of property improvement experts who have created a unique power washing service specializing in roof cleaning, deck cleaning, house washing, paver and patio restoration and the cleaning and restoration of cedar roofs, cedar siding and log homes. We also remove rust stains, graffiti and offer onsite auto, boat and RV washing and detailing.

On the commercial side we clean hotel entrances, store fascia and sidewalks, wash fleets of commercial vehicles, clean gas station fascia, sidewalks and fuel areas and prep buildings for painting.

Street Appeal Pros is a different kind of pressure washing company, we only use the Wash Safe brand of eco-safe cleaning products manufactured by our sister company. Street Appeal Pros pressure wash with their own custom equipment that limits the impact pressure by a massive 80%! This means that there is no way of damaging your property when pressure washing.

Street Appeal Pros aren’t just a power washing company, we have water-proofers, sealers and specialty coatings that are applied to wood decks, composite decks, cedar siding, cedar roofs, fences, log homes, concrete and stone pavers that we use to “complete” the job protecting your investment for the next 10-15 years.

Street Appeal Pros cleaning techniques, cleaning products and equipment are the result of 10 years of use, improvements and monitoring. All services are guaranteed.

Who are the street appeal pros?

Street Appeal Pros were at one time the product testing division for the Wash Safe brand of cleaning products and specialty coatings. Wash Safe products are tested on actual homes and commercial properties and not in “labs”. Once a service job was completed it was then monitored every year for up to 10 years depending on the product used. The results allowed us to improve the product line where needed. Over the last 10 years our product testing division developed unique cleaning techniques and created our own unique cleaning equipment, the positive results lead to not just a local demand but a national demand for our cleaning service that exceed our need to test products. Street Appeal Pros is our answer to the demand for cleaning and restoration services using the Wash Safe products.

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Who Is Wash Safe?

Wash Safe is the leading provider of eco-safe cleaning products and specialty coatings to the pressure washing industry.